This endtruck could not be repaired and maintain alignment.
Holy Grand Canyon Crack!
We recently received a phone call from a good customer looking to repair a bogie endtruck frame. After review of the photos it was clear that the original endtruck frame was not repairable. With delivery critical Engineered Lifting Systems partnered with Superior Crane and Machining Inc. to backwards engineer, design and fabricate a direct replacement for the customer’s crane. The old endtruck was shipped to Superior Crane and Machining and in four weeks a completely new endtruck was shipped to the customer; the original crane manufacturing company quoting 16 weeks delivery.  
Direct replacement endtruck.
Ready for shipment.
Andy Sharp of Superior Crane states: “Many major components for overhead cranes and hoists (P&H) can be either repaired or replaced, including drum assemblies, gearboxes and even bridge girders.”  Stay tuned for a future newsletter on this subject! We are currently working on several projects with Superior Crane & Machining that provide new or rebuilt components for our customers. If you have components that need repair and you want a second opinion for price or delivery email or call our sales department for help.  Toll free 1-866-756-1200. Eric Brown Mike Flagg
Mike Brown
On another note, we are pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Michael Brown to our sales staff. Mike has been working with us for the last 4 years during the summer and Christmas holidays. Mike recently graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Please join us in welcoming Mike on board to Engineered Lifting Systems. I’m sure he would enjoy hearing from you.   As always, we really appreciate the business and support all of you provide us. If we can do anything for you, please contact Engineered Lifting.