So many times in this industry I see new products brought out that are touted to be “better” than the products they replaced. But for many of us, “how do you improve a round wheel?”However that is exactly what the boys at Avtron Industrial Automation have done with the new AV45 encoders. The AV45 encoder replaces and upgrades the old M4 encoders. Engineered Lifting Systems had been using the Avtron M4 encoder anywhere when the customer needed reliable and consistent performance on overhead cranes and other applications over the last 8 years. We found the M4 to be rock solid, so of course we have been reluctant to switch over to the new AV45.
This AV45 is monitoring a hoist motor in a Class F application.
Over the last year we have started placing the AV45s into service in the same type of applications that we would have used an M4 previously. They have already proved that these new encoders from Avtron are even better than the old units, providing features that improve the performance and reliability. New larger bearings, improved sealing, Ready/fault light (Fault-Check), coupled with solid electronic construction and a new flexible mounting chassis make this a “go-to” encoder.
Click on the pictures for a larger view.These photos are of a stock AV45 from our inventory.
Here is a recently shipped Bridge drive that uses encoder feedback for the Magnetek Static Simulation Bridge Control Static Simulation Case Study These Avtron encoders are to be trusted in the worst environment and application. If you have an application and need some help with mounting or encoder selection please give us a call at 866-756-1200. Please see our webpage for more applications!Click here for AV45 Manual.