Charging and Ladle Crane Cab Replacement

Engineered Lifting Systems was called in to look into the upgrade, or possible replacement of existing charging and ladle cranes. After an engineering study that was both mechanical and ergonomic in nature, the customer decided that they wanted to replace the cab on both cranes. Working with this northwest steel maker, we developed a goals […]

Engineered Lifting Systems Launches YouTube Page! See Cool Overhead Crane and Hoist Videos!

If you have not been there yet, please go to Engineered Lifting Systems YouTube page to see videos on overhead crane, charging cranes, and all things crane related.  So kickback, press the play button and enjoy! If you have any questions make sure to reply on the video, I will respond! Eric Brown, AKA your […]

Magnetek Training and Application Conference

In follow up to the recent Engineered Lifting Systems trip to J.R. Merritt for product training and sales summit, Engineered Lifting arranged for J.R. Merritt personnel to travel to Magnetek to learn more about how their joysticks and cab controls are used in conjunction with Magnetek drives and controls. Once again, Ms. Kristen Wall, Mr. […]

Engineered Lifting Systems Visit to J.R. Merritt Crane Chair and Joystick Systems

Last month members of Engineered Lifting Systems sales team traveled to J.R. Merritt to receive advanced training on chair systems and joysticks. Ms. Kristen Wall, Mr. Jon Heeley, and Eric Brown traveled to New York, and then drove up to Stratford Connecticut to meet with sales and production personal at J.R. Merritt.     Engineered […]

Variable Frequency Drives and Travel Limits

This tech bulletin is to provide insight and suggestions for applications using traditional variable frequency drives in a linear motion (Trolley or Bridge) application and have a requirement to operate that motion near mechanical stops. One look at the above picture and anyone familiar with overhead cranes will know that the trolley wheel has gouged […]

Class F Control House and Crane Modernization

This case study outlines the upgrade of an existing 55-ton capacity Class F magnet service overhead crane. Because of the severe service under which the crane operated and the age of the crane, the following major issues were addressed: Replace the entire trolley and hoists Install complete Magnetek controls with AC Regen control Complete new […]

15-ton Crane Modernization

Modernizing your overhead crane can provide the service and reliability you are looking for and safe money.In this case, an old existing 15-ton P&H Crane with a P&H “R-Series” trolley/hoist (precursor to the venerable “T-Series”) was not only in disrepair, was being asked to fill a more predominate roll in plant production, and parts to […]

Class E Crane Modernization

This case study outlines the upgrade of an existing 30-ton capacity Class E magnet service crane. Originally sold as a cab controlled static stepless crane with wound rotor motors, the crane had performed well over its first 35 years of service. However, Static Stepless control and wound rotor motors have dramatic negatives in this era […]