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Electric overhead cranes structurally can far outlast the operational components that are used during day to day. Major items like the hoist, crane controls, crane cabs, power transmission systems (crane conductors such as festoons), and even the crane wiring itself can become antiquated, obsolete, or a maintenance hot spot while the structure of the crane remains viable.

Engineered Lifting Systems specializes in the modernization of overhead cranes and hoists for every industry. With a history of providing quality engineered solutions for overhead crane modernizations, Engineered Lifting Systems can address skewing, bearing life, aging controls and more as a part of any crane modernization.

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Crane Modernization Service Farmington - Crane Rehabilitation Company Farmington

Crane Modernization Farmington – Crane Rehabilitation Farmington

Crane Modernization can take on several different facets, and can comprise of several parts, services, and processes. Engineered Lifting Systems provides complete and crane modernization in Farmington, as well as comprehensive crane rehabilitation services in Farmington. Heavy equipment cranes, trollies, and hoists are integral to the operations of any Farmington business, and when they aren’t operating safely, or are completely out of order, they need to be modernized or repaired quickly so that operations can resume. Engineered Lifting Systems has a proven history of providing crane modernization services in Farmington, as well as crane repair and crane rehabilitation services in Farmington. Listed below are several different examples of our high-quality services.

  • Structural Repairs – Two of our engineers worked together to repair a complete blow-out of a ladle filled with 200 tons of molten steel. In addition to repairing the crane, our team fabricated a new endtruck that was mechanically interchangeable with the old unit.

  • 25-Ton Modernization – Engineered Lifting recently received a request from a customer to provide a competitive bid to replace “a worn out” 10 year old Yale FEW model 25-ton hoist. Another prospective bidder told the customer that the trolley and hoist were “worn out”, and it would be better to replace the entire unit. Crane modernization saved this customer a substantial amount of money. If you are thinking about replacing old, tired or sick equipment, our team can provide you with a second opinion. Benefits of Upgrading Existing Cranes

  • Control House Modernization – This case study outlines the upgrade of an existing 55-ton capacity Class F magnet service overhead crane. The modernized crane now gives the customer a high percentage of production time at a fraction of the cost of a new crane.

  • J. R. Merrit Controls – Engineered Lifting Systems has partnered with J. R. Merritt Controls to become the Mid-West Master Stocking parts distributor for their full line of Industrial, Mill-Duty and Heavy Mill-Duty Joystick controls with a complete inventory of controls, parts and accessories.

  • Overhead Crane Modernization – Control House, MCC, crane control enclosures are surely the heart of any overhead crane. Engineered Lifting Systems can supply these MCC rooms on new cranes, replace and modernize these on existing cranes, and even increase the size of these control houses when needed.

Crane Modernization Farmington – Engineered Lifting Crane Services

Our team offers unbeatable value and expertise, that’s why we are the preferred crane modernization company in Farmington. Not only do we offer crane repairs, we also offer Crane Modernization, Structural Repairs, and Hoist Crane and Parts that can assist in any repair, replacement, or modernization project.

To learn more about our Crane Modernization services in Farmington, or to receive a quote for your crane, please call our team now at 866-756-1200, or fill out this form here.