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Engineered Lifting Systems repairs, modernizes, and also provides new cranes and hoists as well as inspection to Granite City businesses.

Granite City Industries need reliable cranes and hoists but choosing which product will work best for your needs can be hard, you need a team as experienced and professional as your own to provide crane and hoist advice and direction. Our crane engineers in Granite City have extensive experience in the field working with multiple different industries so when you contact our engineers we’ll ensure that the crane of hoist you choose is the one that best meets the needs of your company.

Engineered Lifting Systems was established in Missouri in 2004 with a goal of becoming a valued partner for users of overhead cranes and other overhead material handling equipment. Rather than viewing ourselves as simply a sales outlet for crane equipment, service and parts, we look to consult with customers first to achieve the best results possible.

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You may need your crane to perform more than one operation, thats why we always stock a wide variety of crane and hoist parts to make sure that we cover any needs you may have. Here are few examples of the parts and equipment we provide:

For prices regarding our Cranes, Hoists, or products, get in touch with our team today by calling 866-756-1200 or 866-756-1202 or by filling out this form here

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Our team offers unbeatable value and expertise, that’s why we are the preferred crane repair company in Granite City. Not only do we offer crane repairs, we also offer Crane Modernization, Structural Repairs, and Hoist Crane and Parts that can assist in any repair, replacement, or modernization project. We keep an extensive selection of crane and hoist parts on hand ensure that you receive the part you need when you need it. Our Crane Engineers can also help you choose the right part for your needs.

Our Crane Engineers will put your needs and the needs of your team first, always. Your team relies on your crane, and when it’s not working your Granite City operation can grind to a halt. Our Engineers work quickly and provide reliable service. Our Engineers provide exceptional service and quality labor/guidance in every job they take on. Our services keep businesses running and operating, and we’re proud to be the crane repair company and crane parts company of choice for Granite City industries.