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Engineered Lifting Systems repairs, modernizes, and also provides new cranes and hoists, as well as inspection to businesses.

Crane Company Audrain County, MO. Your Audrain County, MO business relies heavily upon your heavy equipment. When a crane or hoist is flawed or needs modernization to meet the rising demands of your industry, you call on a team as professional and experienced as your own to supply crane and hoist advice and direction.
The Engineered Lifting Systems crane engineers partner with hundreds of teams working in dozens of different industries so when you come to our crane company looking for direction and advice for your needs, we’ll be able to supply you with the precise piece of equipment that you need for your industry. And precisely when you need it.

Engineered Lifting Systems was established in St. Louis, MO in 2004 with a goal of becoming a valued partner for [city, MO users of overhead cranes and other overhead material handling equipment in the Midwest. Instead of viewing ourselves as simply a sales establishment for crane equipment, service and parts, we consult with Audrain County, MO customers first to achieve the best results possible. We are only successful if you are.

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Along with being the go-to crane company in and around Audrain County, MO and throughout the Midwest, Engineered Lifting Systems also provides the following:

Safety is number one at Engineering Lifting Services. And we prefer to pass it along in each part, project, or service we are involved in near Audrain County, MO. But we also understand the significance of customer care. Our commitment to you, our Audrain County, MO customers is to deal openly and honestly, to honor our obligations, and to follow a strong code of ethics. For us, ethics is the only way of conducting business – not an afterthought, a check mark, or a form you need to sign.

A Durable and Dependable Crane Company Ideal For Audrain County, MO Businesses

You may need your crane or hoist to perform more than one operation in Audrain County, MO. You could be dealing with tight turns, critical lifts, and even tighter deadlines. That’s precisely why we constantly stock a wide variety of hoist and crane parts to ensure that we cover any needs you may have in Audrain County, MO. The following are examples of the equipment and parts we provide your Audrain County, MO business:

For prices regarding our cranes, hoists, or other products, or for any other questions, get in touch with our team today by calling 866-756-1200 or 866-756-1202 or contacting us online.

Crane Company Audrain County, MO | Crane Modernization Near Audrain County, MO | Engineered Lifting Systems

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Our staff provides unrivaled expertise and value, and that is exactly the reason we are the favored crane repair company of businesses in Audrain County, MO and throughout the Midwest. Not only do we offer crane repairs, we also offer crane modernization, structural repairs, and crane and hoist parts that can assist in any modernization, replacement, or repair project in Audrain County, MO. We always keep a large selection of crane and hoist parts at the ready, just to make sure your Audrain County, MO team gets the exact part it needs when they need it. Our crane specialists can also help you choose the right part for your needs.

Our crane engineers will always put your needs and the needs of your team first. Your team needs to be able to rely on and trust your equipment in Audrain County, MO, and when something fails, it needs to be fixed immediately and skillfully. Our engineers work quickly and provide unparalleled service. Our specialists provide high-quality labor/guidance and exceptional service in each job they take on. Our services keep Audrain County, MO businesses running and operating, and we are proud to be the crane repair company and crane parts company of choice for industries in Audrain County, MO, and throughout the Midwest.

We recognize that time is money. With our highly qualified and trained technicians and engineers, backed by our service coordinators and analysts and our centralized location, we are in an ideal position to respond promptly and efficiently to your Audrain County, MO company’s needs. Call us now at 866-756-1200 or 866-756-1202, or reach out to us online.


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Ready to hit the ground running with a new site or get your current equipment back up and running at maximum capacity as soon as possible? You need a reliable partner for your operation's crane and other overhead lifting system needs: a one-stop shop for everything from design and installation to inspections and repairs.

Reap the benefits of working with one of the top overhead crane technical teams in the world when you work with us. Receive personalized support as we help you find the right products and services for your crane and hoist needs, including jib cranes, bridge cranes, freestanding structures, rope hoists, chain hoists and more. It's time to make your move and leave your project in the hands of our experts.

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