Crane Two Blocking Problem Solved with Hubbell Limit Switch

Use of Power Circuit Limit Switches with Flux Vector Drives in Molten Metal Hoist Applications Recently, Engineered Lifting Systems fielded a call from a customer with production that includes the hoisting of molten metal. The question was raised regarding the use of a power circuit limit switch (upper limit) on a Magnetek variable frequency drive controlled […]

Telemotive MLTX Radio Control Transmitter Concrete Stripping Gantry Crane Uptime Improvement

Telemotive’s new MLTX radio control transmitter was recently installed on our  customer’s outdoor duty concrete stripping gantry crane in order to prevent nuisance control signal drop-outs and loss of production time. If you are not familiar with this application, concrete stripping is one of the toughest duty cycles for crane equipment. Pulling pre–cast concrete forms, […]

Old Hoist Gets New Life – 40 Year Old Gets Makeover in Days Instead of Months

You’ve seen those extreme makeover shows on TV?  Engineered Lifting Systems and Magnetek recently did an interesting makeover to modernize a 40 year old hoist, and we did it fast! An Engineered Lifting customer recently had an old hoist operating in a very important part of their plant that needed a new mechanical load brake […]

Safety Latches for Hooks – Gravity Works Best for Hoist Hook Latches on Your Crane

Gravity Works Best for Hoist Hook Latches on Your Crane Often in the crane and hoist lifting business, customers are faced with a need for a safety latch for their overhead crane hook, yet the safety of the latch itself becomes an issue in the lifting application.  See our new Crane Hook Safety Latch information which includes three videos showing the hook operation.In some […]

Proper Overhead Crane Inspections Runway How To

Proper Overhead Crane Inspections: Don’t forget the runway! During the life of your top running or underhung crane, you need to inspect the condition of the runway on which it operates for damage or wear. Depending on the frequency of use, ratio of nominal wheel load and available load capacity for the runway, these inspections […]

Engineered Lifting’s 48 Hour Demag Hoist Modernization: Don’t wait for parts from across the pond. Call us!

Just because you have a foreign made hoist or control at your plant, it doesn’t mean you have to put up with long deliveries or one single source for your repairs. Recently, a customer with an older Mannesmann Demag hoist having a 40 hp motor and a conical motor brake had a bad inverter drive.Faced […]