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Engineered Lifting Systems provides monorail hoists and trolley systems to Madison industries seeking reliable systems and methods to control and move heavy loads in reduced spaces. These systems can be deployed in tandem or parallel and can be used in a variety of applications.

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Monorail Repair Madison, Trolley System Repair Madison

Monorail Hoists Madison – Trolley Systems Madison

Madison industries rely on their hardware, and when a trolley or hoists fails to perform its duty, workflow and product creation are slowed or in many cases stopped. When an issue arises in a hoist or trolley system, and the business isn’t able to rectify the situation in-house, Engineered Lifting Systems can provide the service and expertise that Madison businesses require.

Engineered Lifting Systems is the premier provider of Monorail Hoists and Trolley Systems to Madison industries. Our team can repair or replace any hoist or trolley, and our expansive selection of new parts will keep your processes running smoothly.

Here are two examples of the excellent service and quality of work that Engineered Lifting provides to Madison industries –

  • Automation Reader Trolley – In this example, we were contracted to repair and modernize a Refuse Crane from an old Kone Thyristor Control to a Magnetek VG+ and G+ drives. The original reader trolley used incorrect trolley assemblies, a frame that was warped, and one of the trolley frames was bent. The new design allowed drop-down sides that provided maximum access to the sensor heads without having to remove the Reader Trolley from the monorail.
  • 40yr Old Hoist Modernization – In this case, Engineered Lifting was able to provide immediate service for a crucial hoist, whereas other services and product shipments were estimated to take at least several months. This hoist operated in a critical area of the plant and downtime was delaying production. Engineered Lifting Systems worked out a modernization plan based around a Magnetek VG+ Series III drive, locking the load brake so the drive would handle the dynamic lowering chores with feed back via a Lakeshore 1024 PPR encoder, shaft mounted to the existing motor. This design allows the customer flexibility to update the motor at a later date if required.

Monorail Repair Madison – Trolley System Repair Madison

We’ve provided exceptional and reliable service to Madison industries for nearly two decades, and we’re proud to be the crane repair and replacement company of choice for Madison. Our extensive history of repair or modernization projects proves that we can take on any build or situation to improve the work functions of any business or industry. Whether you need Modernization, Parts, or other Services, Engineered Lifting can meet all of your needs.