Runway electrification brings power to your crane, and in some cases control. Typical of most bridge crane runway electrification installations is the three bars for 3-phase power, and a ground conductor per NEC and OSHA.

As shown below, automated cranes can use festooning for the runway power/control system.

Outdoor crane cabs can be constructed from steel or stainless steel, with air conditioning and heat for crane operator’s comfort.

Integrating plant production systems, or HMI over view is common these days in crane cabs, keeping the operators abreast of plant needs.

160 amp Conductix runway electrification

This new electrification replaced old open hard cold drawn copper

Bridge Crane Runway Electrification in high heat requires special planning and specification

An automated overhead crane used in a dipping operation with a remote MCC required this festoon for runway electrification