This bulletin is provided as a notice to inspect and possibly modify any existing P&H Balance Design hoist using a cotter pin as a retaining method for holding the equalizer pin in place.

Years ago, these pins were always provided with a two bolt keeper plate with a slot in the end of the equalizer pin with a grease fitting to lubricate the equalizer sheave bearing. However, at some point in time the keeper plate was replaced with the cotter pin, and no lubrication. The cotter pin first became a problem when without lubrication the bearing would grab the pin and start to roll the pin in the equalizer supports. The bolt seen in the drawing was added to future hoists to keep the pin from rotating and cutting the equalizer supports. There is a possibility that the bearing when dry and worn will grab the equalizer pin and turn the pin with force in one direction and roll the pin out of the equalizer pin. See the below pictures taken after this hoist dropped a load.

No one was injured; however this equalizer dropped a load.

Engineered Lifting Systems is suggesting that if you have P&H wire rope hoists that your maintenance department checks the equalizer support bracket, pin and retaining method for the equalizer pin. Further, a review to see if there is a lubrication for the equalizer sheave bearing is recommended.

We can offer a modernization for these to provide a keeper plate, as well as a lubrication site, or provide advice on how this can be completed.

 sheave-upgrad- to-pin-and-equalizer-assembly

These images above and below show the upgrade to the pin and equalizer assembly so the sheave bearing does not rotate the sheave pin.

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