J.R. Merritt and Engineered Lifting Systems teamed up to replace two aging chair systems providing operator control of two refuse cranes. The existing chair systems had provided great service over many years, and almost 24-7 operation. The chair systems are an integral part of a management system that provides control of refuse from receiving to power generation.

The old chair systems with suspension were broken.
The original consoles were state of the art when they were originally installed.
This operation is an Energy-from Waste plant, taking refuse and converting it to electric power, while recycling many of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals that they receive. Being directly involved I can tell you that this is a great operation recovering material that would instead be lost in a landfill, AND generating power.The operator chairs located in a pulpit had years of service but no longer provided reliable service, or operator comfort due to age. Because the plant runs around the clock, the decision was made to replace the chairs rather than rebuild them, and provide a newer, more comfortable chair system.After planning directly with the customer and safety elements within the plant, the decision was made to replace the old chair systems with the latest J.R. Merritt Chair system, the FSRHDG! Download the FSRHDG brochure. This chair system features a heavy duty suspension system with “Dial in” weight compensation, an orthopedic seat designed and manufactured by Koenig Komfort, and black leather wear sections. These are designed for operators to sit in for long periods and remain comfortable.
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New Chair System ready for installation with complete device markings. Time for retirement old fellow!
With the PLC interface and working shoulder to shoulder with the plants maintenance technicians, the first chair was installed over 2 days. With a few adjustments the first chair was finished with the second chair now installed (just after press time).
(larger image) New Chair provides operator comfort and support, and needed reliability.
Engineered Lifting Systems has been integrating J.R. Merritt chair systems, and joysticks into crane cabs, pulpits, oil platforms, and special slewing operations. If you want to replace or upgrade your operator interface, please give us a call to see what is possible. Call the Crane Doctor at 866-756-1200, or write to ebrown@engineeeredlifting.com


Eric Brown