Crane Inspection in St. Charles, MO

Engineered Lifting Systems offers pro crane service, repair, and inspection in St. Charles, MO. Our company specializes in full-on crane services for companies throughout the country alongside trusted suppliers including Magnetek, Shaw-Box, Gorbel, and more known brands. A major focal point of ELS is our crane modernization service that ensures efficient operation for existing cranes.

Based in St. Louis, MO, Engineered Lifting Systems has become a nationally-recognized crane repair and inspection company in St. Charles. Our company has an A Rating with ISNetWorld, are compliant and registered through TekSolv and BROWZ, and claim low EMR. In addition to our broad service area, crane service in St. Charles, MO, by ELS is a contact form away.

Crane Service & Inspections in St. Charles

ELS provides OSHA-certified overhead crane and hoist inspections. Our inspection schedule flows into your annual and periodic inspection schedule. Our crane inspection experts will review everything from brakes and couplings to limit operations and drive components to ensure hoists and cranes are safe, up-to-code, and fully operational.

Crane inspections for St. Charles companies are crucial to maintaining optimal operation. The Engineered Lifting Systems team works with clients to create efficient inspection schedules according to the make and model of the crane or hoist to ensure its longevity and safety. Contact ELS for more information.

For customers, ELS is a convenient option for total crane service. We inspect and repair cranes, provide parts and equipment, and carry the best brands. Convenience and efficiency are two major values at Engineered Lifting Systems. Overhead lifting systems and crane equipment has to be current to ensure safe working environments for workers and whatever project being worked on. That, and various agencies like OSHA enforce these protocols.

St. Charles Crane Repair

ELS provides 24/7 crane repair in St. Charles, MO. As intricate as heavy machinery is, cranes are not an exception when it comes to maintenance. The crane repair experts are able to repair cranes, hoists, and other machinery on site with minimal downtime. In addition, Engineered Lifting Systems’ clients can request reviews and quotes in advance.

Repair and inspection also includes crane modernization in St. Charles. Businesses looking to keep their cranes up-to-date invest in modernization to maintain and improve cranes. This may include rebuilds, capacity upgrades, new parts, and other improvements.

Crane Equipment & Parts in St. Charles

ELS provides a wide variety of crane equipment for St. Charles contractors and construction companies. This includes products from popular brands that meet any company’s needs, as well as part options for Enrange, Festoon, J.R. Merritt, and others. With crane repair and inspection and a large inventory, Engineered Lifting Systems provides clients in St. Charles with professional crane services.

About Us

Since 2004, Engineered Lifting Systems has paved the way as a Missouri-based crane servicing company. Various case studies and our projects show ELS’ excellent history in this industry and provides our clients an idea of where we’re heading in the future. Contact us for information about our crane inspections in St. Charles, products and equipment, and repair services.


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