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Telemotive Radio Controls
Radio Controls, Engineered Systems, Anti Collision Controls

Telemotive Industrial Controls is a leader in providing radio control solutions for a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • Aerospace  
  • Auto Manufacturing  
  • Steel  
  • Aluminum     
  • Paper
  • Logging  
  • Ship Loading     
  • Grain Industry  
  • Nuclear Power Plants       
  • Rail Yards

Telemotive provides solutions to your specific production challenges, whether you need to increase productivity, reduce costs, or enhance worker safety. Telemotive has the right solution for your unique situation.

Please contact Engineered Lifting  for applications assistance with Electromotive products, Engineered Systems and Contract Services.

See the new MLTX & SLTX industrial remote controls.

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Telemotive products:

  • Pre-Engineered Radio Controls
    More than 60,000 Telemotive wireless industrial control systems are in use worldwide. Users benefit from increased productivity, enhanced safety and reduced maintenance costs, not to mention on-the-job worker morale and attitude. 
  • Engineered Systems
    Telemotive is the Industry Leader in providing custom or “engineered” radio control systems. The series 18K Custom Engineered Systems provide licensed or unlicensed operation with up to 64 outputs.  The utilization of our modular design provides the control system to fit YOUR requirements. 
  • Laser Guard Anti Collision
    Accidents happen, and are costly when they occur.  Why not prevent them before they happen? Telemotive is the original inventor of crane anti-collision systems The Laser Guard is designed to detect and prevent crane to wall and crane to crane collisions.
  Pre-Engineered Radio Controls


telePendant™ NEW
Introducing the next generation in radio controls, the telePendant - Telemotive’s new ergonomically designed, heavy-duty pendant-style transmitter. The telePendant is half the size of its predecessor! Yet don’t be fooled by its compact size and light weight. The telePendant is the most durable and flexible pendant transmitter on the market today, and is available in two- and three-speed designs.


Good things do come in small packages! Telemotive’s telePilot Remote Radio Control is the most functional, operator-friendly membrane-style radio control product available today! Although it’s packed with features, telePilot’s ergonomic design is more slender and lightweight than most membrane transmitters. Yet this is the most durable hand-held transmitter on the market today. It’s available with up to 5 motions and two-speed control.

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10K Modular Series
Need reliability, flexibility and interchangeability on your systems? The 10 K modular series features interchangeable receiver boards, a synthesized receiver and a variety of transmitter styles

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Engineered Systems
The 18K features the custom engineering of the Telemotive 8K System coupled with the new modular design of the 10KM system. The 18K offers both FCC Part 90 licensed, and FCC Part 15, non-licensed radio transmitters in traditional lever style or new belly box style transmitters, with optional joystick lever control and a snap-in external battery.

The 18K can be configured for combinations of stepped or stepless control and can be constructed to provide up to 64 programmable outputs. The 18K uses time multiple sharing transmission (TMS) that allows up to four transmitters to operate on the same radio frequency. This reduces the need for multiple frequencies and can eliminate the requirement of adding frequencies to an existing radio license. New surface mount receivers and redesigned modular logic and output boards provide higher reliability and make the 18K easy to configure and maintain.
Laser Guard Anti Collision

Laser Guard Applications

Laser Guard In Action!
            Prevention of Crane and End of Runway Collision

Laser Guard In Action!
          Prevention of Multiple Crane Collisiosion
The Laser Guard system is designed to prevent collision of overhead cranes operating on the same crane bay
rails. The system uses a Class 1 laser transceiver and a passive reflector that is easy to install and easy to maintain.

A typical application will have the laser transceiver mounted on the crane bridge and a reflector panel mounted on the end wall or another crane.

The Laser Guard has a range of 150 feet and can be adjusted for three individual contact closures within the range. The system also features an alarm circuit if signal degradation occurs.

Laser Guard Features
  • Safe Class 1 Laser
  • Range: 10 to 150 feet
  • Accuracy: .5 feet Over the Operating Range
  • Control Output: Three Form C Relays
  • Fault Output: One Form C Relay for all failure modes
  • NEMA 4 Rated Enclosures


Please contact Engineered Lifting for assistance with Electromotive products and services.