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Magnetek SBP & SBPN Pushbutton Stations

SBP & SBPN Pendant Push Button Stations


magnetek sbp sbpn pendant push button stations

Featuring a lightweight, ergonomic design, Magnetek Systems SBP® Pendant Push-button Stations provide optimum control and performance with less effort and fatigue than traditional pendants.

With most models weighing under two pounds, this slim-line pendant rests easily and comfortably in the palm of your hand. SBP is available in 2 to 12 button configurations, single, two or three speed designs, momentary or maintained on/off, and with a variety of options and accessories.

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SBP & SBPN Pushbuttons

Part Number
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SBP-2-WB 2-Button
Momentary On/Off
SBP-2-WH 2-Button
Maintained On/Off
SBP-2-WA 2-Button
All Single-Speed
SBP-2-WS 2-Button
All Two-Speed
SBP-2-WS 2-Button
SBP-2-WT 2-Button
All Three-Speed
SBP-4-WB 4-Button
(2) Single-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBP-4-WBS 4-Button
(2) Two-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBP-4-WBT 4-Button
(2) Three-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBP-4-WH 4-Button
(2) Single-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBP-4-WHS 4-Button
(2) Two-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBP-4-WHT 4-Button
(2) Three-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBP-4-WA 4-Button
All Single-Speed
SBP-4-WA 4-Button
SBP-4-WS 4-button
All Two-Speed
SBP-4-WS 4-button
SBP-4-WT 4-Button
All Three-Speed
SBPN-6-WB 6-Button
(4) Single-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBPN-6-WB 6-Button
SBPN-6-WBS 6-Button
(4) Two-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBPN-6-WBS 6-Button
SBPN-6-WBT 6-Button
(4) Three-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBPN-6-WH 6-Button
(4) Single-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBPN-6-WHS 6-Button
(4) Two-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBPN-6-WHT 6-Button
(4) Three-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBPN-6-WA 6-Button
(4) All Single-Speed
SBPN-6-WS 6-Button
All Two-Speed
SBPN-6-WT 6-Button
All Three Speed
SBPN-8-WB 8-Button
(6) Single-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBPN-8-WB 8-Button
SBPN-8-WBS 8-Button
(6) Two-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBPN-8-WBS 8-Button
SBPN-8-WBT 8-Button
(6) Three-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBPN-8 –WH 8-Button
(6) Single-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBPN-8 –WH 8-Button
SBPN-8-WHS 8-Button
(6) Two-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBPN-8-WHS 8-Button
SBPN-8-WHT 8-Button
(6) Three-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBPN-8-WA 8-Button
(6) All Single-Speed
SBPN-8-WS 8-Button
(6) All Two-Speed
SBPN-8-WT 8-Button
(6) All Three-Speed
SBPN-10-WB 10-Button
(8) Single-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBPN-10-WBS 10-Button
(8) Two-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBPN-10-WBT 10-Button
(8) Three-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBPN-10 –WH 10-Button
(8) Single-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBPN-10 –WHS 10-Button
(8) Two-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBPN-10 –WHT 10-Button
(8) Three-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBPN-10-WA 10-Button
All Single-Speed
SBPN-10-WS 10-Button
All Two-Speed
SBPN-10-WT 10-Button
All Three-Speed
SBPN-12-WB 12-Button
(10) Single-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBPN-12-WBS 12-Button
(10) Two-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBPN-12-WBT 12-Button
(10) Three-Speed with Momentary On/Off
SBPN-12-WH 12-Button
(10) Single-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBPN-12-WHS 12-Button
(10) Two-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBPN-12-WHT 12-Button
(10) Three-Speed with Maintained On/Off
SBPN-12-WA 12-Button
All Single-Speed
SBPN-12-WS 12-Button
All Two-Speed
SBPN-12-WT 12-Button
All Three-Speed