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Magnetek Material Handling Crane Components

Crane Controls, Motors, Radio Control, Electrification, and Inverter Drives

Engineered Lifting Systems is one of the largest distributors/integrators of Magnetek controls in the greater United States. We have provided Magnetek controls and services as solutions to operation requirements in facilities all across the United States.

Magnetek is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of electrification and control products for the overhead material handling industry.

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The new Impulse Series 4 drives with D+HHP AC line regeneration provide the power and control of this crane.

A combination of extensive application experience and leading-edge products provides the ultimate solution for overhead motion control. Magnetek IMPULSE® Series crane controls have a proven track record of providing unmatched performance and reliability to the overhead material handling industry.

G+ and VG+ Series 4 Drives

IMPULSE® G+ and VG+ Adjustable Frequency Crane Controls

Magnetek's IMPULSE Drives have long been the gold standard in crane controls for the material handling industry. Advanced safety and performance features combined with superior applications make these Series 4 Crane Controls the best choice to maximize the performance and safety of your material handling system.

  • Load Check and Load Sharing
  • Overspeed lifting with light loads or empty hook
  • Intuitive alarm and fault codes
  • Snapped shaft protection
  • Advanced encoder option cards

G+ Mini Magnetek Drive panel designed by Engineered Lifting Systems for anti-skew/anti-parallelogram travel.


G+ Mini Drives used in "Master/Master" configuration controlled by A-B PLC controller

G+ Mini Series Drives

IMPULSE® G+ Mini Adjustable Frequency Crane Controls

The new IMPULSE G+ Mini from Magnetek continues to provide the most reliable and cost effective adjustable frequency crane controls available. The low horsepower Impulse G+ Mini is the easiest to program drive to date, with user friendly standard programming for basic applications and advanced programming capability for high performance environments.

The IMPULSE G+ Mini is designed with an expanded horsepower range and an identical dimensional footprint as the IMPULSE P3 Series 2.

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Watch this video that shows just what a variable frequency drive can do for your hoist or crane. This is the electric motor brake on a mechanical load brake ACCO hoist.

The original control was single speed contactor control. The customer wanted to use the hoist for loading a machine center, so we converted the hoist control to Magnetek G+ S3. Notice in the video how the brake does not stop the hoist motor. Rather with Magnetek hoist control, the variable frequency drive decelerates the motor to stop, and then the drive sets the brake.

You can really see firsthand how the drive will reduce brake adjustments and repairs to almost zero.

Remote Radio Controls

Telemotive and Enrange represent the Magnetek line of radio remote controls. These versatile radio systems are ideal for controlling any overhead crane or monorail, and Engineered Lifting Systems has incorporated these into simple crane designs all the way up to automated and segmented automated crane systems.