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Crane Projects Showcase

Crane & Hoist Projects by Engineered Lifting

With our expertise in crane modernizations, we become your best bet when looking for a successful purchase of overhead cranes and hoists. Below are several applications of our cranes that are giving customers reliable service for their lifting needs.


Engineered Lifting Systems is an excellent choice when looking to purchase new overhead material handling equipment. Our philosophy is:

  • Meeting and exceeding your requirements for the application
  • Providing standardization of equipment and software
  • Maintaining an inventory to support your purchase
  • Service support and analysis
  • Overhead Crane and Hoist safety compliance assistance
  • Ultimately the best value for the equipment we offer

Applications for new equipment include:

  • Single girder top running bridge cranes
  • Single girder under running bridge cranes (underhung)
  • Double girder top running bridge cranes
  • Double girder under running bridge cranes (underhung)
  • Patented Track cranes (Cleveland Tramrail)
  • Monorail Hoists and Monorails
  • Turntable hoist and cranes
  • Molten metal cranes
  • Single leg gantry
  • Double leg gantry
  • Grit removal cranes
  • Coker Crane

Cranes are designed to meet CMAA Standards:

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C
  • Class D
  • Class E
  • Class F