Combining fantastic artwork from Mr. Daniel Kopalek and just another day in the mill, you have the Bad Company t-shirt.

This t-shirt is a 10-color separation with full color. The results are a fantastic shirt that anyone in “the crane crew” would love to wear. We hand these out to our customers and vendors, and the feedback makes me feel this is one of the best shirts we have completed to date.

Joining the Certified Crane Crew line: the Bad Company Tee!

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Tervis 24oz tumblers now have the Certified Crane Crew logo and the Crane Crew Tech with Logo!

If you have not had a Tervis before, these are a very handy way of keeping your beverages hot or cold. They fit most automotive cup holders, and come with a lid to prevent spills and slops.

Presenting the Certified Crane Crew Tervis Mugs!

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Certified Crane Crew Tervis Mug:


This is a project that I have wanted to complete since we have been in business. This T-shirt is a Certified Crane Crew shirt that gives tribute to the brave men and women that served in World War II in the Army Air Force. Many of you have seen the "nose art" featuring in many cases a Pin-up Girl with a clever saying such as "Mountain Time", "Apache Princess" or possibly the most famous "Memphis Bell". You need only Google "World War 2 Nose Art" in the images section to find many illustrations of these.

Being a model builder as a kid, I built too many B-17's, B-25's, and B-29's to count. But as I have gotten older, I have learned to have a great respect for the guys that piloted and flew in these planes. They fought for their country at 25 to 30,000 feet, with open windows, -30 degrees, and 250 mph! Often at 30,000 feet the guns froze up!

In dedication to these great Americans, I give you "Crane Jane"

We think Crane Jane would have fit right in back in the day!

A personal thanks to everyone who has served, and those of you serving now from all of us at Engineered Lifting Systems!

Engineered Lifting Systems Crane Crew Tee-Shirts are available in Army Olive Drab and in a range of sizes from Medium to 3X.

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Once again, just in time for summer, we are releasing the next Engineered Lifting Systems t-shirt. This tee is made for all of the maintenance guys out there who work hard keeping the overheads running. Some of you in maintenance have confessed to me that the operators are breaking the cranes as a hobby, time for a little pay back!

The "I Fix 'Em" Tee!

Engineered Lifting Systems Crane Crew Tee-Shirts are available in Get Dirty Gray
and in a range of sizes from Medium to 3X

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Many of you that subscribe to the Engineered Lifting Systems Newsletter have one of our original "Bring it on" Tee-shirts. With the success and still high demand for that shirt, we are bringing out a second and new "Certified Crane Crew" tee-shirt just in time for summer.

Introducing the "ALL-IN" Tee!

Some of you will ask "why ALL-IN"? The reason is that Engineered Lifting Systems wants to offer equipment and services that provide our customer's with a guaranteed win for their needs, allowing you to go "ALL-IN" with Engineered Lifting! Now please don't e-mail me with questions about which one of us modeled for the clown! We are continuing our relationship with a very sick minded artist that takes our ideas and makes them look fantastic. This tee is perfect for climbing on cranes, or a playtime on your Harley, street rod, or a trip to the casino.

If you get one of our tee-shirts, we would love for you to e-mail in a picture of you, or your maintenance crew in your tee-shirts. Mr. Castle (our beloved web-master and internet guru) will start a gallery for any of you that send them in.

As always, we really appreciate the business and support all of you provide us. If we can do anything for you, please let us know.

Dane & Eric
(Dane says D comes before E)

Engineered Lifting Systems Crane Crew Tee-Shirts are available in Crane Grease Black and in a range of sizes from Medium to 3X

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Well a lot of you guys and gals asked for a tee-shirt, and just in time for summer here it is!

We went to a very well know biker artist and commissioned a copyrighted tee-shirt for the maintenance and engineering people out there working on, and supporting overhead cranes and hoists. You guys put up with a lot from "late Friday afternoon breakdowns", to crane operators that you'd swear were hired to make your life miserable.

"Bring it on" was an idea that our Dane Vance came up with, to represent the Maintenance Guys that fix and support cranes and hoists for a living. "Bring it on" is an attitude, saying "You break it, I can fix it!"

When you see our service techs on site, ask them about the "Bring it on" tee-shirt. They try to keep one on the service truck, but if they do not have your size they can get you one.

Please email me and let me know what you think!

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