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New Telemotive MLTX 2 Transmitter

New Telemotive MLTX 2 Transmitter With the success of the MLTX transmitter it was only a matter of time until the MLTX was updated to allow its usage in a wider range of applications. The MLTX 2 transmitter is the next generation of the MLTX transmitter, providing the continued standard of a transmitter that will hold up to almost anything. The […]

U-S Safety Trolley Four-Bar Electrification use with Gorbel Workstation Systems

This bulletin is provided as a notice to provide information regarding the use of U-S Safety Trolley “Four-Bar” electrification on Gorbel Workstation crane and monorail systems.Anyone familiar with the Engineered Lifting Systems website knows we are huge proponents for Gorbel and Gorbel’s products. The term “Workstation” for Gorbel pertains to their ergonomically designed enclosed track […]

P&H Equalizer Sheave Failure

This bulletin is provided as a notice to inspect and possibly modify any existing P&H Balance Design hoist using a cotter pin as a retaining method for holding the equalizer pin in place. Years ago, these pins were always provided with a two bolt keeper plate with a slot in the end of the equalizer […]

Patented Track Castellated Beams

This bulletin is generated as reference and notice for anyone that has any brand of patented track (also called hardened track) with a castellated (window) construction, or “skip welded” beams. These tracks have the appearance of windows, or sections of the web removed, or the bottom flange is not continuously welded to the web material. […]