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Ace Heavy Duty Hoists

Ace World together with Engineered Lifting Systems can use our experience to help with your application.

Ace World Companies is known as the little company that can build like the big manufacturers when it comes to the design and fabrication of hoisting equipment. Meeting the specific requirements of Class C, Class D, Class E and even Class F applications is an Ace specialty. Engineered Lifting Systems is proud to be an Authorized sales outlet and Service Center for Ace products.

Standard and optional features of Ace hoists - trolleys:

Ace Heavy Duty Hoists
  • Hazardous Locations Hoists
  • Hot (Molten) Metal Hoist
  • Low Headroom Hoists
  • Polar (rotating) Hoist Decks
  • Twin Drum Bucket Applications
  • Heavy Magnet (Scrap) Applications
  • Motorized Lifting Beams
  • Rotating Bottom Blocks
  • Twin Drum Hoists
  • Full Depth Grooving
  • Flame Hardened Drums
  • Single and Double Reeving
  • Anti Sway Reeving
  • Central Lubrication Systems
  • Encoder - Flux Vector Control
  • Eddy Current Dynamic Braking
  • Shoe Brakes
  • Thruster Brakes
  • Motors including the range of AC and DC motors
  • Pinion or Rotating Axle Trolley Drives
  • And More!

Download an Ace Terminator Hoist Catalog in PDF.

Ace Heavy Duty Terminator Hoists

This is an AutoCAD rendition of the New Terminator Ace Hoist. 5 to 25 ton at Class D application, these offer a "step-up" from package hoist construction when more hoist is required. They feature many of the Ace standards, including a horizontally split gearbox!

Ace Heavy Duty Rotating Hoists

This is a simple rotating hoist deck for handling large awkward loads repeatedly. These are always designed to specific applications such as moving box car sides, or long bundles of steel.

Ace Heavy Duty Bullet Proof Hoists

When it has to work no matter what, how about a 17-ton trolley hoist with full depth grooving, DC Shoe brakes, rotating axle, continuous duty motor? We can build what you need!

Ace Heavy Duty Multiple Hoists

Need several hoists? No problem! Ace has the capacity to build multiple Ace World Companies hoists to meet your requirements!

Ace Heavy Duty Under hung Trolley Hoists

Ace World together with Engineered Lifting Systems can use our experience to help with your application. Shown is a 20 ton capacity under hung trolley hoist.

Ace Heavy Duty Hoists

If you are in need of one unit or many, call Engineered Lifting today to discuss you hoisting needs.

For more information about Ace heavy duty cranes, Ace World Companies heavy duty hoists, Ace heavy duty endtrucks or our crane modernization services using Ace cranes, please contact Engineered Lifting today.